Why I Love DIY Paint

DIY Paint furniture paint

I have been painting furniture for many years and I am always trying new types of paint. I have worked with milk paint, chalk paint, and clay. Every brand I try I always find something lacking - like the paint separates while working with it, or the paint doesn’t have a wide selection of colors, or the topcoat yellows or does not hold up.

When I started selling my furniture my dream was to also sell paint, but all the paint lines I tried were just not good enough for me. I had high standards. I wanted color selection, ease of use, great quality, and a wide selection of finishes. I was beginning to think I may never find everything until I saw Debi Beard on YouTube. Everything clicked. I loved the colors. I loved her high energy inspiring videos and decided to try the paint. I ordered some paint online and even drove across Michigan and bought more from Shizzle Designs LLC.  This paint line had everything and I was hooked.

What is so special about DIY?

DIY Paint is high-quality clay paint. The way it is is made it can do what other paints can’t. With DIY Paint no prep is needed. The clay will adhere to most surfaces. I usually wash off my piece and sometimes sand down the rough spots if I want a smooth finish.  But then you can just start painting.

DIY Paint has no VOCs. You can paint indoors and around kids and pets with no fumes. I often paint right in my living room while my daughter does her homework.

One of my favorite things about DIY Paint is that it is highly pigmented paint. That means better coverage which equals less work for you. Let me just tell you that painting anything white is usually a nightmare. Tons of coats are needed and there usually is bleed through from the wood below so you need to prime the whole piece first. DIY Paint is different. With DIY Paint, I can paint with white in two and sometimes only one coat. Bleed through has not been as big of a problem. I have had to prime over a few spots here but never prime the whole piece. (DIY Paint also has a great primer called Salvation Solution Primer & Stain Blocker. 

(The dresser is painted with DIY Vintage Linen (only one coat) and Gravel Road.)

The only downside I have discovered with DIY Paint is that cleaning brushes require a little more work but DIY saves me so much time that a few extra minutes washing a brush is no big deal.  

Another great thing about DIY Paint is the color selection. All the other paints I have tried always leave me wanting for a color that they just don’t have. DIY Paint has neutrals, pastels, and bright cheery colors. With 36 colors (and 9 more added as of September 2019) you always have the color you want. Using DIY Paint you know you are using top quality paints.

Also because DIY paint is clay-based the paint can be reactivated easily with water and that allows for unique blending and different techniques that you cannot achieve with any other paint.

DIY Paint is also not self-leveling so you can build up layers of paint to look like the piece has been covered with years of layers of paint.  

Just a few of the many colors of DIY Paint






You can also easily distress and reveal the layers underneath. To distress, you don’t need to sand. You can use a wet rag or a baby wipe. No dust, no mess, and what a timesaver.


Finally, besides amazing paint, DIY Paint offers a huge selection of topcoats. DIY Paint offers wax in clear, dark, white, and black. If wax scares you, no worries.  Check out my post on How to Wax Furniture to get you started.   

DIY Paint also has Dark & Decrepit & Old & Grey Barnwood Patinas which can be used as an amazing stain.  Read more about how in my post The Easy Way to Stain Wood.  I also have two YouTube videos on my YouTube Channel that can help you.  


DIY also offers a non-yellowing durable topcoat called Big Top.  Hands down this is my favorite top coat.  It is all-natural, with no VOCs,  and can be used indoors with no fumes. 

Like a little sparkle? DIY Paint also offers Golden Ticket Liquid Patina & Pennies from Heaven Copper Liquid Patina to add a little glitter and glam to any piece. Both of these products are water-based and can be blended with water or used straight.  They also have a built-in topcoat so you just brush and you are done.

(Drawer painted with DIY Bohemian Blue, Mermaid Tail, Kissing Booth, and Golden Ticket Liquid Patina.)


DIY Paint has everything that I have been looking for.   It is made with such quality that it saves me tons of time and also allows me to be more creative than ever.  My favorite part of DIY Paint is their motto, "Because You Can!"  You really can with this paint.  You should try it.  You can buy DIY Paint in my booth #134 at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall at 2621 Dix Highway, Lincoln Park, MI or you can order your DIY Paint in my online store.

Have you tried DIY Paint?  What is your favorite color or color combination?


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