3 Tips to Pick Your Perfect Paint Color

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One of the questions that I am constantly asked is, "What color should I paint that?" With the DIY Paint products, you can get painting right away without priming and little to no prep, but with so many colors making the color choice can be difficult. Here are my top three tips to help you select the perfect paint color for any piece.

Tip 1 - Know what you are painting. If the wood is a redwood like mahogany or cherry- BEWARE. Wood that has red tones are often known for bleed through. Bleed through is when colors from the wood actually come through the paint and make everything look awful. Sometimes bleed through does not appear until after the topcoat is applied and sometimes not even for a few days after that. It can be extremely frustrating because just when you thought you finished your piece you have to start all over. To avoid bleed through I recommend that you always use a primer/ stain blocker before painting. My favorite primer/stain blocker is Salvation Solution from DIY Paint. Just paint one to two coats of primer before you apply DIY Paint. You also might want to consider using a darker paint color to reduce bleed through. Also, consider waxing as your final step instead of applying a topcoat. Waxing has less chance of bleed through than other topcoats.


Mahogany wood is one of the many redwoods that are known for bleed through.

Tip 2 - Get inspired! Look at magazines. Go on Pinterest. Search on Google photos for "painted dresser" or whatever you are painting. Take a look at all the beautiful pictures and choose what you think will be best for you. If you know your style type that into the search (ex: boho dresser) and you will find tons of colors that match your style and probably some you never even thought of.

When searching for a gray painted dresser you could get this...
...or this.
Not sure of your style? Search by color or range of colors, like "pastel painted furniture".

Tip 3 - What do YOU like? Ultimately the choice is yours. After you have figured out what type of wood you are dealing with and you have been inspired by tons of beautiful pieces, now it is time to decide. If you are not sure right away wait for a little. Some pieces are screaming for me to paint them a certain color and others I wait until I am inspired. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, but you will. Trust yourself. Once you make a decision buy the paint and get started.

Remember if you don't like how it turns out it is only paint - you can repaint or try something else.

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Be creative and be you.


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