How to Choose the Perfect Brush

brush furniture brush how to pick the right brush paint pixie stencil brush turquoise iris brush

There are SO many brushes out there and it can be confusing.  I have been painting furniture for over nine years and have learned a lot about brushes. I have also heard a lot of questions.  What is the difference between synthetic and natural brushes?  Is the shape of the brush important? Do you need a brush to wax? Can you use a cheap brush? 

I decided to make a video to share what I have learned with you.  

I share with you the types of furniture brushes, what they are made of, what they are used for and what are my favorites.

I hope this helps you with picking the right brush.

If you like this video please check out all my others on my YouTube Channel.

Now get out there to salvage, repurpose & create!

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