My Top 5 DIY Paint Colors

DIY Paint favorite paint colors

Remember when you were a kid and got that new box of crayons?  Yep.  That is how all the colors of DIY Paint make me feel.  Other paint lines just do not have all the selection of DIY Paint.  Want to learn more about DIY Paint?  Check out my blog post Why I Love DIY Paint.

With so many colors it is hard to just pick one color to paint with and because DIY Paint blends so easily you don't always have to, but in case you just want to use one color here is a list of my top 5 favorite DIY Paint colors.

#5 - Old '57

Such a bright and beautiful color.  Old '57 blends well with so many colors like Farm Fresh, Mint Chip, and Bohemian Blue.  I love this color because when I paint with it the color it reminds me of a tropical getaway.  My favorite pairing with Old '57 is to stain with DIY Dark & Decrepit.  The dark wood stain really compliments the bright color.  I also love to use dark wax on Old '57 to darken the paint just a little.

Old '57 with Dark & Decrepit used as wood stain

Old '57 with Farm Fresh and clear & dark wax


#4 - Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is amazing.  It can look gray or blue depending on the color of the piece underneath and the light in the room.  I am always amazed by how many people like this color on the furniture and also see it so differently.  If I am not sure what to paint a piece I use this color.  It also suits all styles of furniture from vintage to modern.


#3 Bohemian Blue

I think for most people this is the #1 DIY Paint color.  Bohemian Blue is the workhorse color for DIY Paint and has so many uses.  There is nothing else like the rich opulence that comes from Bohemian Blue. The great deep tone is the perfect color by itself or to use as a base for lots of color layering.  Bohemian blue also makes a great backdrop for canvas art.  My favorite combination is Bohemian Blue with Kissing Booth and a hint Of DIY Golden Ticket.  I also love to combine Bohemian Blue with Mermaid Tail and Mint Chip.  This is the best color to introduce people to DIY Paint.  Customers love the rich deep color and all the blending possibilities.



#2 Fancy Farm Girl

I love green.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated just to greens.  This color does not disappoint.  It also photographs and sells well.  I love to pair Fancy Farm Girl with rich wood colors or even use dark wax.  It blends well with Faded Burlap and Vintage Linen.  I used that combination to create my Spring Dresser.  That dresser was one of my most pinned images on Pinterest.



#1 Cowgirl Coral

I love Cowgirl Coral because it is my happy paint color.  Whenever I paint with this color it makes me happy.  I can't explain it.  But using Cowgirl Coral cheers me up and always puts me in good mood.  It also can blend amazingly with so many colors.  I love to use whites and Petticoat Pink, Cake Batter, Mermaid Tail, and even Old '57.  My daughter even requested Cowgirl Coral to be added to the sunrise dresser I made for her.  Cowgirl Coral is happiness in a can of paint.  Who doesn't want that?

Of course, these are just MY favorites.  The best part about DIY Paint is the selection and with so many paint colors there is a favorite color for everyone.  Want to see all the paint colors in person?  Feel free to stop by my Project Shop Booth at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI.  Or you can also shop via my online store and have paint delivered to your door.

What is your favorite DIY Paint Color?

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