5 Fall Decor Essentials

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It is fall..how can that be? My other job is that of a full-time teacher and I look forward to the season change with the anticipation of the start of a new school year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the crisp air, the changing leaves, and the trips to cider mills and pumpkin patches.  I also love to decorate for fall.

I believe that decorating does not mean you have to go out and buy all new stuff. I am really not a fan of new things. I love old and found objects and prefer to use what I have. I love to salvage, repurpose, and create.

Here are my top five Fall must-haves.

#5 Chalkboards

Back-to-School means the first days of school photo shoots. What a great way to keep track of how much your kids have changed in just one year.  Instead of using a printable, I use a chalkboard to help to remind me of the grade and year for all my daughter’s photos.  Chalkboards can be made from anything. I like to use old kitchen cupboard doors turned into chalkboards. I have even made a chalkboard from the back of an old chair. To make any surface into a chalkboard just apply DIY Paint (in any color - I prefer Little Black Dress or Old School) and you have an instant chalkboard.  (Want to learn how?  Watch my YouTube Video - How to Make a Chalkboard with DIY Paint. If you don’t have time to make your own I also sell a variety in my booth at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI

Salvaged kitchen cupboard doors for sale in my booth. They make great chalkboards and trays. Want to learn more about how to repurpose cabinet doors?  Check out my YouTube Video on 3 Ways to Repurpose Cabinet Doors.  Need a cabinet door?  I always have them in stock in my booth at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI.


#4 Pumpkins

What is Fall without pumpkins?  I love to go to pumpkin patches and farmer's markets and pick out a whole bunch of real pumpkins in all sizes and colors.  I also love to paint artificial pumpkins with DIY Paint. When you use DIY Paint you can create any color pumpkin you want. And because DIY Paint is all-natural and has no VOC’s your kids can even help you. Want to find out more? Read my blog post - Why I Love DIY Paint. 

And probably not surprising, but my favorite pumpkins I have created from found objects.  I have used scrap wood and even old oil cans. My oil can pumpkin is my favorite. I found a pin on Pinterest last year where someone actually cut into an old oil can into a jack-o-lantern with welding equipment and was inspired to create my own with paint. 


Every year I also create “Junkins”, which are Jack-o-lanterns I make from junk I collect throughout the year.


#3 Wood

Natural wood seems to be more popular than ever and Fall is the perfect time to show it off. Besides all wood furniture & furniture with wood tops, I love to also use lots of wooden bowls. You can fill them or group them and have an instant touch of Fall. I also think that no home is complete when the weather turns colder without a bowl filled with nuts and a nutcracker.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Red Wagon.  Top and paint sealed with Sweet Pickins Oil Wax.  Want to see the makeover?  

Vintage Linen DIY Paint with Dark & Decrepit stained top

Fancy Farm Girl DIY Paint with Dark & Decrepit Stained Top


#2 Vintage Throws & Thermos

Fall means football games and trips to the cider mill.  It also means the weather will start to turn colder and what starts out as a nice warm day can get downright chilly.  I love to keep a vintage wool throw or afghan with me in my car and at home just in case I need it.  It is so nice to cuddle up on the couch on a cold morning. A vintage thermos is also great to have - not only to look pretty but to keep you warm. Fill the thermos with coffee, hot cider or hot chocolate and you are set to go on a Fall color tour, apple picking or sporting event. The combination also makes a great fall gift idea.  I always try to keep a variety of both in stock in my booth (and home) at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI.


#1 Orange

My last decor must-haves is a no brainer - orange.  I think orange just equals fall.  You see it everywhere - orange leaves, orange pumpkins.  Find anything orange and pop it into your display and you have Fall decor.  Some of my favorite orange items are fresh pumpkins, hand-painted signs, carnival glass, and orange painted picture frames.   My favorite orange paint right now is Summer Crush from DIY Paint.  It is a little more subtle orange and the perfect complement to Fall.

(DIY Paint Summer Crush. Picture courtesy of DIY Paint)


These are just a few of my must-have for Fall, but I would love to hear what you think is essential to decorate for fall at your house.

Happy Fall! Happy Decorating!


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