Learn to Paint the EASY Way | Hand-Painted Art Using a JRV Stencil

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I love to paint furniture, but I am not ready for canvas art just, yet. That is why I have been really enjoying using a stencil to help me paint the easy way. It is like an adult coloring page with paint and very relaxing. Using this method also teaches you all the basics of painting like color, brush selection, how to apply paint and so much more. And did I mention how much fun it is. If you want to paint, but are not quite ready, yet, using JRV stencils is great way to get started.

Want to learn more? Let me show you how in my latest YouTube Video.

Are you ready to start painting using a JRV Stencil?  

Here are the supplies I used:

If you like this video please make sure to check out all my videos on my YouTube channel.  

Now get out there to salvage, repurpose & create!


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