Thrift with Me Southeastern Michigan

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How are the thrift stores near you?  Near me (Southeastern Michigan) the thrift stores have been pricey and the shelves have been bare.  This has not been a new problem, the thrift stores have been like this for over a year.

My daughter recently asked me to stop at a local thrift store to look and I reluctantly agreed. After we entered I was so glad she had wanted to go.  I found a nice surprise.  The thrift stores were restocked and they were bursting with inventory.  I had to re-learn how to thrift again.  I had to go extra slow and double back so I did not miss anything.  Since we had so much success I decided to check out a few more stores.  

You can watch the adventure and see all the treasures I got in the video from my YouTube Channel below.

How are the thrift stores near you? 

Maybe you need another visit, too.

If you enjoyed this video I hope you will check out all my other videos on my YouTube Channel.  

Now get out there to salvage, repurpose and create!


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