How to Make a Flower Pot Chair

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I hate to see anything thrown away or wasted. One of the items I always find is chairs. But finding a use for a single chair can be tricky. Last year, I made myself one of these beautiful flower pot chairs and I loved it so much I decided to share with you how I made them. You can use them in your garden, on your porch or deck. They add a ton of color and are very sturdy.

To make a flower pot chair you need a chair, of course. Chairs are pretty easy to find as a curbside treasure or even in your garage. Look for a chair with a broken seat or one that will be easy to remove to put your flower pot in it. All the chairs I found had broken rush seats. My mom helped me to remove the seats by using a grinder tool to easily cut the seat away. The right tool makes everything easier.

Once I had all the seats removed it was time for paint. I used Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint for all my chairs. DIY Paint comes in a variety of great colors and is all-natural. To make these chairs bright and cheerful, I used Queen Bee (yellow), Cowgirl Coral, and Mermaid Tale (blue). I used two coats of DIY Paint on all of the chairs for good coverage. With DIY Paint there is no prep needed.  If you have never used DIY Paint you might want to read my post, 5 Things to Do Before You Paint.

When I finished painting it was time to apply a sealer to protect the chairs. I had a bunch of Rust-Oleum 2X Clear Coat Exterior Spray Paint. (Any water-based exterior sealer should work.)  I lined up all my chairs and applied 2-3 coats of clear spray to the chairs and let them dry in the sun.

Time to seal.

The last step was to figure out what size pot will fit in the hole, but not slide through. Each chair is different so make sure your measure. You can also add a layer of wire (chicken or rabbit wire)or a board on the bottom to help to support the flower pot.

If you would like to make your flower pot chair I sell DIY Paint in my booth at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI or you can order it in my online shop and have it shipped to your door. Whether you make one yourself or a friend it makes a great addition to any yard.

UPDATE - I made another flowerpot chair (Spring 2020) and I used layers of DIY Paint with a scraper to apply it.  I also added chicken wire to the bottom of the chair to hold the pot.  There are so many fun ways to complete this project.

Spring 2021 - Another garden chair! 

Happy Painting!

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