Why You Need a Purple Door

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Life is busy.  Sometimes you take a real look at your house and you don't like what you see.  I painted my side door a few years ago and put up a new curtain.  It was cute and I moved on to something else.  A few days ago I really looked at the door.  The curtain was horrible faded.  The door needed a new paint job.  YUCK!  Time for a makeover.
If you want to see how I painted my door the first time with DIY Paint you can check out the whole process from my YouTube video.  If you like this video you can see more on my YouTube Channel.
When I was looking for a new door color I began to research all the choices. First, I walked around my neighborhood where I saw a lot of black, white and blue doors...and a few of the yellow doors with the word "Hello" on them. I wanted something different.

I then began to research the meaning of different door colors. Many of the colors have boring meanings...blue relaxed...red hospitality... then I found purple. A purple door shows you are creative and open minded. It also promotes good health and success in your career. A purple door promotes a prosperous life beyond monetary goals. Feng Shui even says that a purple door invites opportunities into your home and activates the energy of the entry way and will work on a door facing ANY direction. Plus I really like purple. 😁💜🤩

So I decided on a purple door and I painted the whole process live on FB if you want to watch the replay.

(DIY Paint lightens as it dries.  Watching paint dry is usually boring, but not with DIY Paint.)

My door is finished. All painted using DIY Paint Blue Iris & Kissing Booth blended to create the perfect purple. 💜 The door has been sealed with two coats of DIY Paint Big Top to protect from Michigan winters. I love to use DIY Paint to paint my doors. This door is a metal door and my front door is wood. Both doors look great with a little DIY Paint.
DIY Paint Kissing Booth & Blue Iris make the perfect purple when mixed.

I spent yesterday just enjoying my new door and trying to find something to hang on it. I think I need to keep looking. But I love this door so much and it makes me so happy.

Life is hard right now. Maybe the solution might be a purple door.
It's worth a try, right? 💜💜💜

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