Booth 101 5 Things to do When Booth Sales are Slow

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Owning a small business is a lot like riding a rollercoaster, full of up and downs.  One minute you are rocking in and on top of the world and the nest minute you wonder if you will ever make your booth rent.  

I have been a booth owner since 2015 at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, Michigan.  When I first started my booth there was not a lot of information available to help new booth owners.  Over the years, I have put together what I have learned to share with other booth owners in a playlist of videos on YouTube called Booth 101.

In my latest video I share with you five things to do when booth sales are slow to grow your business and make a little extra income.

If you like this video please check out all my others on my YouTube Channel.

Now get out there to salvage, repurpose & create!

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