The Easy Way to Achieve a Barnwood Finish

barnwood How to Use Old & Grey Liquid Patina

I am over the moon with the latest release of the nine new DIY Paint Colors.  DIY Paint is a heavily pigmented quality clay-based paint that is all-natural.  DIY Paint also has the best selection of colors around.  Want to read more?  Check out my blog post Why I Love DIY Paint. My new favorite thing is Old & Grey Barnwood Liquid Patina.


Liquid Patina Instead of Stain

I am already a huge fan of the Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina from DIY Paint and use it all the time as a wood stain.  You can check out all the pieces that I have completed using it in my post called The Easy Way to Stain Wood. But I have to admit that I was using Dark & Decrepit so much as a stain I was getting a little tired of the look of the dark wood.  Now that DIY Paint has come out with Old & Grey you can get the look of barn wood for any piece just as easy as painting it.

I hate refinishing wood and it is one of the many reasoning that I started to paint furniture.  All the dust, fumes, sanding, toxic fumes, and wait time.  Yuck. Using Old & Grey to achieve the look of barn wood it is so much easier.  First, completely sand the piece that I want to use the finish on.  I use my orbital sander with 80-120 grit sandpaper to remove the old finish and get down to the raw wood. Then I lightly go over with a 220 grit to smooth everything. Make sure to remove all the dust with a damp cloth.  Then I work in sections.  I use my fine mist sprayer to spray a light coat of water on the piece.

First coat of liquid patina.

Smooth it out as you go. A foam brush works great.

When using Old & Grey Liquid Patina you just open the jar, mix and get painting.  I use a Paint Pixie Dusty Brush or the DIY Paint Blending Brush to apply the Barnwood Patina right over the area I dampened with water.  The water helps the liquid patina spread more easily.  You can always wipe back the product if you have too much.  If you need more coverage just add another coat once the first is dry.  By adding more coats you can really change the whole look of the wood.  Go for what you like.  When the wood looks the way you want you are done.  I then seal the whole piece using 2-3 coats of DIY Big Top (use 4-5 for a tabletop).  Do you want to see this whole process in a video?  Check out my YouTube video.

The first coat is complete. You can add more to achieve the color you want.

DIY Paint in Aviary with Barnwood Liquid Patina


I love the final product.  The look of natural barn wood without all the work.  Have you tried Old & Grey Barnwood Patina, yet?  If you would like to purchase any of the products mentioned here and are local please visit my Project Shop Booth at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall in Lincoln Park, MI or you can visit my online store at and I will ship your order right to your door.

Want to see a video of how I apply Old & Grey Barnwood Liquid Patina?  Check out my YouTube video.

Happy Staining & Painting!





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