EASY Jack-O-Lantern Painting Tutorial Using DIY Paint

DIY Paint easy painting tutorial fall fall decor Paint a Jack-o-lantern

Have you ever tried anything scary?  Something totally out of your comfort zone, but you are so inspired you just say, "Hmmm.  I want to try that?"  I used to let the doubt creep in and stop me, but over the years I have learned that confidence is what will help you be successful as a creative.  If you can dream it, you can do it...just don't get scared from trying.  

I once found an old dresser as a curbside rescue and thought to myself, "I want to paint this pink." 

I instantly saw it all finished in my head and knew all the colors to use.  This doesn't happen to me often, so I grabbed my paints and just started painting.  And you know what?  That dresser turned out perfect.  I think it was not due to talent, just confidence.

The same thing happened recently, when I saw my mom's latest project.  My mom, Ann Korinek is a porcelain artist and runs a business called Paint 'N Porcelain.  She teaches other how to paint porcelain on facebook and YouTube.  Her latest project was a pumpkin study created by Randy Wollet.  

The minute I saw that jack-o-lantern on that plate I just knew I could paint it on canvas with DIY Paint.  Besides art class in school I have never painted anything on a canvas by myself.  I have tried three other times to take classes from people, but each time it only turned out just okay. 

But I was inspired and got to painting.  I even recorded the whole process so I could show others how to paint this jack-o-lantern.  Below is my complete YouTube video showing you all the EASY step-by-step directions.

Here is a list of all of the supplies that I used.  (affiliated links are included)

I hope my video will inspire you to make your very own. Remember you can do this.  

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