DIY Paint Co. Candles

8oz. hand-poured, soy candles inspired by gorgeous DIY Paint colors.

The wicks are made of high-quality cotton. 

Available in 11 different colors/scents.

-Vintage Linen/ Lush vanilla linen 

-Cake Batter/ Cake

-Cowgirl Coral/ Peach creme brûlée 

-Gravel Road/ White birch and oak moss 

-Mermaid Tale/ Bamboo and coconut 

-Summer Crush/ Peach nectar

-Petticoat Pink/ Strawberry and passionfruit guava

-Mint Chip/ Chocolate fudge and garden grapefruit mint

-Kissing Booth/ Watermelon and raspberry 

-French Millinery/ Vanilla and lavender

-Old '57/ White Birch and Black Sea blend