My Favorite Paint Finish

diy paint furniture tutorial milk paint paint finish sweet pickins milk paint


I love to paint furniture.  I love the layers.  I love chippy paint.  Usually these finishes take a TON of time and effort and really who has time for that?

Let me show you my favorite paint finish that has the same look, but is as much work as just a regular paint finish.

I used DIY Paint as a base coat.  DIY Paint is a clay-based paint that is heavily pigmented and all natural and best of all it sticks to pretty much any finish.

On top of that I apply Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.  Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is an all natural paint that can crackle and chip like no other and gives you the old world look, but it can also be a little tricky to work with. Using this method gives you control.  

The next step is wet distressing or "anti-painting" as I like to call it and this is where the magic happens. 

See the whole process step-by-step in my latest YouTube video.

This piece is available for sale in my booth 134 at Plaza Antiques & Collectibles Mall, 2621 Dix Highway, Lincoln Park, Michigan.  

If you like this video please check out all my others on my YouTube Channel.

Now get out there to salvage, repurpose & create!

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